Tylko shelves are not a modular system. We produce each shelf on demand following the exact design you created in our easy configurator. Therefore, they are only able to be assembled in that configuration, with the same elements that you designed. Extra drawers, doors or sections cannot be added later. It may seem frustrating, but this article will help you understand why.

Why it's impossible to "add-on" to your shelf

It's simple - each element in a Tylko shelf influences the other elements of the shelf located next to it. Let's talk about only holes, for example.

The back wall sits nestled within each compartment and is attached at the top and bottom - requiring holes in both the compartment and the wall.

Each closed compartment has a back wall to prevent your things from falling through when you close your door or drawer, but there are more holes in even more elements. The side elements of each compartment with a door requires mounting holes for hinges (B), which are repeated on both sides if there are double doors. There is also a door bumper (C) mounted in the top of the container, too.

Drawer panels require holes for attaching sliders (D), too. As you can see, adding "just one door" actually requires applying changes to (and even exchanging) many elements of your shelf. These individual changes would be costly and inconvenient for our customers. Making sure new holes were added and the correct small parts were produced and installed correctly (and safely!) would be tricky. And, if we were to ship these new parts back and forth, it would increase our environmental impact, too.

Can I buy a small shelf now and then add to it to make it bigger as I need more storage?

Unfortunately, no. Expanding an existing Tylko shelf isn't possible as we don't produce add-on elements, nor does the concealed hardware specifically configured for each shelf allow for additions. Great news though - our shelves look fabulous next to each other:

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