Why does the inside seem smaller than the outside?

It may seem self-explanatory, but there's a reason Tylko drawers are slightly different in size inside than would appear from the outside. This is how your drawer compartment appears:

As you can see, the bottom panel of the drawer sits a bit higher than the bottom of the compartment in which it's mounted. This is because the drawer sliders are located on the bottom rather than the sides, and is what gives Tylko drawers their extra strength and allows you to store up to 30kg inside each one. Then, behind every drawer is a sturdy 12mm thick back wall that sits just inside the compartment, too.

Calculating your project's drawers size

First, let's make sure we use the same terms:

A = Panel Height (the heights of the side and back panels)

B = Inner Height (the distance between the bottom of the drawer and the compartment top above)
C = Depth (the distance between the front and back panels of the drawer)
D = Width (the space between both sides of the drawer)

The good news? A, B, and C are fixed values, so you can easily check them with the tables below.

A and B depend on the row height you chose for your shelf:

C depends on the depth of shelf you chose:

The only calculation you have to figure out is D.

D = The width of your drawer front minus 4.2 cm.

(For example, if your drawer front is 40 cm wide, you simply subtract 4.2 cm to get 35.8 cm - your width!)

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