As you may know, there are three settings for door and drawer placement: none, some and max.

Doors can be added to compartments with row heights of 28 cm and 38 cm. The width of your compartment defines whether or not you have a single or double door.

Drawers are available for all three-row heights, but they can't be placed higher than 160 cm above the ground. We don't want them tipping over or being top-heavy, and using a drawer above your head is pretty difficult - believe us, we tested it. 😉

Drawers are also not available for our 24 cm depth shelves because they're a little too deep for the slimline depth.

If you choose Pattern style for your configuration, neither doors nor drawers are available in the double row compartments, too.

Why are there not more settings?

If you're reading this, you'd probably like to have more choice when it comes to what goes where. We get it - and others have asked the same question too. As much as we'd like to give you the choice to select exactly where you want your doors and drawers, we can't quite offer it yet.

Our configurator is so simple to use that it's easy to see why you might think "how hard would it be to offer that?". It makes total sense when we explain a little more about how our configurator works. This should help you see that its easy interface actually hides a lot of very technical information.

The configurator uses parametric design that lets us create customizable models through coding. (If you want to know more about Parametric Design and the clever people behind it, we have this very interesting article in our Journal). To help show what goes on behind the scenes, here is what the configurator looks like to our designers:

Adding a new option to the configurator takes a lot of time and testing to make sure it results in a shelf that looks great, works perfectly - and is safe to use. You might not know this, but when Tylko began there were only three colours - Black, White and Grey, all in the Type01 Plywood line. We had no doors or drawers, and the shelf could only go to 240 cm wide with no choice of depth. As you can see, we've already come a long way!

Can't you just make a few little changes when you make my shelf?

Sorry about that, we only produce the exact shelf that you design through the configurator.

One of our core values is simplicity, so we try to make the ordering process for customised furniture as fun and easy as possible. With our innovative tech, super easy tool-free assembly and helpful team members (who are available 7 days a week), we make storage a snap - quite literally.

If we offered the possibility to manually override design parameters, our ordering process would get 100 times more difficult and intricate. This means shelf prices go up, and loads more time is taken to get your shelf to you. It could even lead to mistakes due to misunderstandings or details getting overlooked, and that's the last thing we want. Keeping things as easy as possible is one of the ways we make sure your shelf is simple to design, assemble - and enjoy.

So...maybe in the future?

We're a young company that's growing quickly, and as much as we'd like to do everything we can right away, these things take time, testing and a lot of teamwork to make happen. We want to make sure we offer a variety of products that never compromise on quality, and ensure every single customer has an enjoyable experience. We wish we could snap our fingers and make door and drawer placement a little more personalised right away, but ask you to bear with us as we decide the best way to approach that option for the future.

We hope until then you'll stick around to see our great products - and maybe even find some storage to call your own today.

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