A lot of our customers wonder if Tylko shelves can be used as space dividers. The answer to that is: yes, of course!

The Design

The Tylko shelf looks great from every angle - the back is finished with the exact same precision as the front - with the same hand-oiled edges, and all the hardware that holds the shelf together hidden as well. 

The shelves without doors and drawers have several back support pieces that are 12,5 cm wide and are made of the same material as the rest of the shelf, so they very minimally impact the overall visual look.

Shelves with doors or drawers do have back walls - though not your typical ugly back panels which are best left unseen. They are an integral part of the shelf, finished with the same colour as the shelf itself and perfectly-fit into every compartment.

The Safety

For safety reasons, we suggest attaching all shelves higher than 70cm to the wall. Of course, if the shelf is going to be used as a space divider, wall mounting is not possible.
In this case, the creative solution is attaching the shelf to the ceiling. There are plenty of methods when ceiling mounting - for example, using different types of materials, such as:

  • brackets¬†

  • cross-beams

  • ropes or chains and hooks

  • pipes

...and many more! You need to decide and choose the method that is the most suitable for you and fits into your aesthetics.

Here's an idea one of our customers shared:

"To make it super sturdy, we bolted to the wall and then used large screws at the top - but cased them in black metal tubing to hide them and actually really like the look!"

If you feel you could use some help, our customer service is always happy to help you find the best solution. 

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