Many of our customers ask if we have hanging wall shelves. In this article, we'll go over the most common questions we receive and help you find the answer you are looking for.

Are there hanging Tylko wall shelves available?

No, currently we only have floor standing shelves. However, due to the high interest in hanging solutions, this is something we're considering implementing in the future.

Why don't you offer it right now?

Tylko shelves are very heavy even when empty. Not every wall is sturdy enough to hold such a weight.
Another reason is the way the shelves are put together: every element of our shelves is assembled with our no-tool, click-together system. It is not suitable to hold the weight of the shelf and support storage if hung on a wall. (But don't worry, it's perfectly fine for a standing shelf!).

Can I hang my shelf by myself?

We don't recommend hanging the shelves, as they were not stability tested for wall hanging and we can't guarantee their durability - or your safety - if used this way.

Please also note that if the shelf is used differently than the purpose for which it was designed (for example wall-hung or modified in any way), the guarantee is no longer valid.

However, we know we can't prevent avid DIYers from attempting their own solutions. If you want to try hanging the shelf despite our warning, we highly suggest you heed this important tip: add support below the shelf. You can use brackets or even add a beam there - but additional support shouldn't be skipped.

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